About India Inclusion Summit

We are a community-driven initiative that aspires to build an Inclusive India by 2030.

India Inclusion Summit (IIS) started in 2012 and has been recognized as a world-class community-driven platform in creating awareness about disabilities and the need for inclusion in mainstream society. This annual free-for-all extravaganza with the tagline ‘Everyone is good at something’ is hosted by the India Inclusion Foundation, a registered public NGO trust.

The event brings together thought leaders and unsung heroes from the field of disability and inclusion to deliberate, discuss, and drive change in our society. Since its inception in 2012, IIS has become a movement involving Corporates, NGO’s, Government, Schools, and Volunteers. More than 10,000 people have attended the annual event in person with an online viewership of over 12million.

Our aspirations for #inclusiveIndia by 2030:

  • An India of our dreams that celebrates the human spirit.
  • An India where everyone thrives at what they are good at.
  • An India that is inclusive and accessible in every sense!

Inclusion is...

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