The Inclusion Fellowship 2020 – Applications open

“Welcome to the Inclusion Masterclass” 

The Inclusion Fellowship aims at supporting upcoming entrepreneurs, artists, policymakers, and others working in the disability space to promote and embrace inclusion. 

Through this unique experience, the fellows will receive tremendous learning opportunities, access to world-class content and speakers, personalized mentorship, and exposure to the inclusion network of Leaders, Visionaries & Innovators.   

The 9-month long fellowship program will involve weekly online sessions for 2-3hours each, providing learning on a variety of topics like Organizational Management, Product Management, People Skills, Business Models, Branding, and Scaling. The sessions are interactive and will be based on learning and implementing the learning in our organization/idea.

The program enables the fellows to build their expertise through personalized mentoring, close interactions with eminent personalities, influencers, and role models from diverse backgrounds.

The fellowship experience culminates with a week-long deep in-person immersion phase in Bangalore (Post Covid-19 situation settles down).

Join us at The Inclusion Fellowship, get onboard on a transformational journey with new ways of thinking, perspectives, network, and sharper skill sets.

A short visual about The Inclusion Fellowship Program

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