MK Gandhi said, ‘Walking together for a cause is the most simple way of starting a movement’. No wonder, the 10-day 390KM salt march was a tipping moment in Indian Freedom Movement. Taking inspiration from Gandhi, we have resolved to make India an Inclusive nation by 2030. This year we are organizing an inclusive walk.

Inclusive Walkathon is India’s first walkathon designed for everyone irrespective of their disability to participate in. It is happening on 14th October 2018 at Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. You can take part in the walk (3KM or 5 KM) along with a friend/buddy. The experience of walking together (and in each other’s shoes), we are sure, will open up different perspectives of seeing this world.

What is a Buddy Walk?

Generally, in walkathons, people walk for individual glory. Have you wondered what it is to pair up with a buddy and then walk or run together? Wouldn’t you both, now want to plan in advance, match your speeds and help each other complete the walk?

Inclusive Walkathon, is first such walkathon where people will walk in pairs and help each other complete the walk.

So who’s your buddy whom you want to walk with? Is it your friend, colleague, spouse, child?

If each walking pair has a person with mobility constraints then great! If not, then expect us to blind fold one of you before you both take the walk together! J

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