Art for Inclusion

Art For Inclusion

The Art for Inclusion Initiative

  • The Art for Inclusion Initiative is done in conjunction with the India Inclusion Foundation to highlight the abilities of artists with special needs.
  • We believe that the unique talents of these artists need to be in the spotlight. Many of these individuals use art to communicate thoughts, feelings and life experiences in a way that transcend their special needs. 
  • By sharing their artwork with the public offers an opportunity for everyone to see the world through different eyes.
  • We will provide a platform for artists to celebrate, connect and catalyze with renowned institutions and mentors.

The first edition (AFI 2019) was a massive success receiving lot of acceptance and appreciation from everyone. We look forward to host the second edition (AFI 2020). Will do our best!

We thank all the Artists, Jury and AFI team for the support.

Note For All: If you have an interest in any of the extra ordinary showpieces of art and wish to contact the artists/ representatives, please send an email to

We will gladly forward your request and contact information to the artists/ representatives.

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