Our Mission


To make India Inclusive by 2030

Our Mission

  • To be a world class community driven platform to create awareness in mainstream society on the need for inclusion
  • Identify the roles which corporate could play to support people with disabilities and drive inclusion
  • Share innovations and success stories in the field of disabilities and inclusion
  • Provide a platform for unsung heroes
  • Support projects that lead to education, employment and livelihoods for people with disabilities

Our Values

  • IIS is a Community driven event – inclusion EVERYWHERE is its mission
  • IIS celebrates the human spirit
  • IIS believes that ‘Everyone is good at something
  • IIS believes in ‘No EGOS’ and ‘No LOGOS’ because the cause is bigger than everything else
  • The primary objective of IIS is to spread awareness for disability through popular mediums of communication
  • IIS wants to make real impact on the ground – driving projects for the cause of disability