The Inclusion Fellows 2019

Anita Sharma

Anita Sharma

Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Disability IIM Indore
Founder, On My Own & Co-founder, INKPOTHUB


Jamal Siddiqui

Social Entrepreneur
Co-founder, Ginny’s Planet


Pancham Cajla

Founder, Anuprayaas
Social Entrepreneur by Passion.

Rabindran Isaac

Rabindran Isaac

Occupational Therapist at SEESHA
Managing Trustee of “Include Foundation”


Samson Theodore

Co-founder & Director, LOGOS Transformation Business Solutions
Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Shiva Prasad

Shiva Prasad

Leadership Hiring Consultant
Founder, Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy


Product Designer
Indian School of Design & Innovation
Founder, Kidaura