Prahlad Kakar, Don’t try to be normal at IIS 2015

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Ad Guru Prahlad Kakar takes you on a flight of dreams that led him to shoot creative and successful advertisements despite dyslexia.

Prahlad Kakar was born to an Army Colonel. Studying in Military school meant a focus on both academics and sports. In school, Prahlad took an interest in outdoor sports, English literature and fine arts but he didn’t enjoy studying the sciences (especially chemistry & mathematics). What Prahlad or his parents didn’t realize then was he had dyslexia. But Dyslexia wasn’t a commonly known condition in those days. While the science teachers solved the next problem along with the rest of the students, Prahlad’s day dreams took him to faraway imaginary worlds where he saved many an imaginary princess. It was during such flights of imagination that he learnt how to pretend paying attention in the classroom whilst day dreaming.

As a young man Prahlad wanted to be a nature conservationist, a forest officer, a tea planter or a horse breeder. But an economics degree and a job in bank wasn’t what Prahlad had in mind. A chance interview at an advertisement agency made him realize his calling of being an ad film maker. Prahlad came to understand that advertisements are nothing but short stories. Be it the Panchatantra or fairy tales and bed time stories, humans have enjoyed listening to stories since their childhood as it gave their imagination wings of fancy. Prahlad realized that the best advertising professionals are great dreamers. Dreaming being the one thing that he really enjoyed doing since his childhood gave his advertisement career a great fillip. Prahlad says that, ‘As a child, I was punished for day dreaming. But now I am paid obscene amounts to do just that’.

Prahlad goes on to say that the greatest capacity a disabled person has is the capacity to dream. While normal people have to take a nap to dream, disabled people have the power to unleash their imagination while awake. He asks the audience to not become normal and instead find their special abilities, hone them, practise them and become invincible.

It's only fair to share...