From disability to lifeability| Gopi| IIS

Published on October 17, 2017 by Team India Inclusion Summit

n this talk Gopi recounts how he overcame pain of paralysis and the accompanied fears to develop life-abilities. The doctors told Gopi that multiple fractures in his arm would hinder his hobby of biking. But fracture and paralysis wouldn’t stop Gopi who today rides a Harley without fear. Through this journey of overcoming pain that dissolved his ego, mastering his fears and rebirthing his compassion, Gopi found the secret that every person with disability goes through to become a post-ego being with lot of life abilities. Listen to this mindful monk on a Harley now. About India Inclusion Summit India Inclusion Summit is a community driven initiative that brings together thought leaders from the field of inclusion to deliberate, discuss and take forward diverse talents available in our society. The Summit is an egalitarian platform attracting people from a range of fields. Along with you, we aspire to create the world’s largest platform that fosters diversity and inclusion in the society. And, we dream to inspire 10 million lives in our journey of inclusion by 2020 Follow IIS on Facebook:… web: Twitter: Bio fo Gopi: Gopi Krishnaswamy has a rich and colourful life of diverse and contrasting avatars. He was until recently, the Managing Director at IDEO, the legendary innovation company that designed the first mouse ever, for Apple. He has also been a Founder Director at Insight Instore, a consultant at Booze Allen, and a serial entrepreneur. Gopi is now a Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation teacher and regular speaker on the topics of mindfulness, leadership and creativity. When not busy with his transformational initiatives, Gopi can be found riding on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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