Shalini Saraswathi, Rediscovering oneself and living life to the fullest at IIS 2017

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Listen to the awe-inspiring Shalini Saraswati, who talks about how she survived a rare bacterial infection. Then she discovered herself again to live life to the fullest every moment of it. She says after losing her four limbs when she embraced the blades she feels a powerful as when Superman, Batman, and the superheroes come together. So just live life the way you want to.

About Shalini Saraswathi Shalini Saraswathi is a Deputy General Manager with First Source Solutions. This quadruple amputee, who lost all four of her limbs when she was 37, is an incredible woman who also participated in the TCS World 10K Marathon in Bengaluru. She blogs her thoughts by the name SoulSurvidedIntact.

Live today and live in the moment; you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow! -says this amazing woman. She values the little things in life and hopes to inspire others to appreciate it as well.

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