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Praveen Rane: IIS has become the beacon of light

Most viewed Praveen Rane: IIS has become the beacon of light
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The India Inclusion Summit for the un-initiated was commenced in the year 2012, under the leadership of SAP and Ferose. Today Allegis is proud to be a part of this movement and I with all humility represent my organization towards this movement.I have not been exposed to a personal situation, where I have had a differently abled person in my family and hence do not necessarily have the same deep understanding as a parent or a friend would.

Let me start off by defining what I mean by disability and who is a disabled person. In my view, people who have the inability to face upto a problem/ people who run away from a problem, people who take credit for work done by others or who easily pass on the blame to somebody else or trample over others in their never ending quest for fame and glory are people who are dis-abled. They are disabled in their mind and spirit.

The India Inclusion Summit, is a showcase of spirit, a never say die attitude and not about disability in people’s minds and their intents. This Summit is the centerpiece of courage/ ability and not about dis-ability at all. Unfortunately the India Inclusion Summit was coined as a term for the abled people.

The IIS has made me realize,that we should all take initial steps towards including more people. India has 70 million differently abled candidates in India and most of them are the in the working age group. 70 million is larger than the population of some of the European countries and for me, it is an opportunity to integrate a huge workforce into the mainstream. This requires perseverance and commitment. Perseverance because the solutions are not always very straight jacketed and commitment because this needs a level of passion which goes beyond the ordinary.

I would like to end this blog, with a sincere note of thanks to Ferose, without whose support and vision the IIS would not have become the beacon of light for the 70 million people that it has become today. My sincere thanks to all those parents/ organisations and people who work tirelessly to bring a ray of light into each person’s life and sacrifice so that their children/ their friends may know a better day.

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