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My novice experience at the India Inclusion Summit: Sapna Ramaiah

Most viewed My novice experience at the India Inclusion Summit: Sapna Ramaiah
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When Ferose, founder of India Inclusion Summit, asked me to join the 5th year celebration of Inclusion, little did I know the magnitude of its energy and exuberance! I was deeply awestruck watching the symposium of unimagined achievements unfold throughout the day. I’m thrilled to share my experience through this blog.

India Inclusion Summit is an exciting platform that brings together geniuses from different fields of life to drive inclusion of specially-abled people in our society. It was held for two days at the Park Plaza, in Bangalore, on Nov 18-19, 2016.

The morning of Nov 19 at Park Plaza, was buzzing with volunteers preparing for the event, musicians checking the bass, videographers inspecting the visuals, and stalls arranging their stock for sales. Hundreds of registered participants gathered at the hall.

The three charming hosts Pranav Lal, Rajdeep Manwani, and Priyanka Aggarwal, took us through the events of musical performances, engaging conversations by renowned leaders, enlightening us of the extra ordinary achievements by extra ordinary people. This was the first time I witnessed visually-challenged heroes hosting an event. The audience were so mesmerized that rhythmic clapping and standing ovation were a norm.

Did you know that visually-impaired people could see through sound? People who were hail and healthy were challenged with physical disabilities in their youth – Can you imagine what they have achieved in life? How have social workers dedicated their life towards building a better community? Is there an app that can help parents of autistic children? How can I make a difference? There were so questions buzzing in my mind, and my heart swells with respect to those unsung heroes who put their needs behind and focus on making a difference to their loved ones.

While the city was worrying about the problems associated to demonetization, I was enjoying the ubiquitous influence of humility in this inclusive community.

One message that resonated in me even today: Take charge to make a difference in your own life, by contributing to the community. When you share love, all you get back is love personified.

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