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IIS Volunteer Experience: Leena Khatri

Most viewed IIS Volunteer Experience: Leena Khatri
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Been a part of IIS family from last Two years; This is the only thing that can be quantified when you register yourself as a volunteer for IIS.
I mean how you can you quantify happiness, friendship, love and humbleness that you feel.

How you can you measure the joy when you hear awesome lines, the humble feeling that is felt
when you hear the things that they have done, the pride felt when the realization hits you on the obstacle they had to overcome.
On top of all this how is it even possible to measure the value of the friends that the event has given me.

Sometimes something’s have to be just experienced, it cannot be measured or articulated, just felt.
Being involved in organizing the summit was one such experience.
Saying it as involvement would be gross injustice to the actual work that goes behind the scenes, I think it’s just the contagious passion that carries the event.
I had registered as a volunteer with an idea of contributing towards the event but came back with much more in return.

Only that can be quantified and also be measured is length, this length of the curve is a big indicator of how things are going.
And all I have seen is this big curve called Smile on everybody’s face from the participants to the speakers and of course us the volunteers.
After all is it not this curve that sets all things straight!

It is said that “The thing about meditation is – You become more and more you” , IIS to me is no less than a soulful meditation.

Leena Khatri led social media voluntary efforts at IIS 2015. She is an engineer by profession

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