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A First-Time Volunteer’s Impressions

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IIS is run entirely by a large group of volunteers and I am proud to include myself among them. This year was my first time at IIS. The event started at 8.30 a.m. Firstly, I volunteered at the registration desk till 10.30 a.m. The main task is to scan a QR code in an app developed by the volunteers. Then, we need to mark their attendance in the same app connected to an AirTable, and lastly, tie a wristband, allowing them to enjoy the event and lunch. After most of the registrations were done, I had time to enjoy the event.

I met some very amazing people. I escorted PWDs who needed help to go around. A very special person I met is a 12-year-old boy named Prathamesh Sinha, from Pune. Prathamesh, who is blind, was also the emcee of the first half of the day’s programme. He was cracking jokes throughout! He described how at the age of one, his parents discovered that he had a brain tumour and he underwent an operation at the age of 16 months. After that he couldn’t see, and was not given admission in any mainstream schools. He was home-schooled until 2019, until he joined a blind school. Then Covid hit. His parents discovered another tumour in his brain, and he underwent another operation. He joked, “Tumour said, yeh dil mange more.”




In 2021, Prathamesh received many awards and was a part of Shark Tank India, allowing him to also meet prime minister Modi. Only then was he allowed into a mainstream school. He said, “Normal children are first believed and then prove themselves, but for disabled people to be believed, first they need to prove themselves.”

The reason I wanted to write about this boy is because he and I are of the same age, but he has undergone so many difficulties. People without disabilities say that they have problems in their life. PWDs also have their share of problems, which they face along with their disability. In addition, they face bias in society, yet are coping with it all and living a good life. Why can’t we live a good life too? And also help PWDs feel included in this society?

Seeing PWDs and helping them out made me feel satisfied. Thank you IIS for helping me learn a lot more about the Invisible Majority… or I must say, Invincible Majority!


Written by Anwita Prasad B

Class 7, Deens Academy

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