Zoyeb Zia, Don’t Let Disability Come In The Way Of Things You Love at IIS 2018

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Zoyeb hosted the India Inclusion Summit 2018. In this talk Zoyeb talks about how he didn’t let his ataxic condition come in the way of his education, career and life. Watch this inspiring talk by this 25 year young man.

Zoyeb Mohammed Zia is a Professor of Zoology, Ataxic, Gamer, Foodie, Champion for Rare Diseases. He was just 15 when the symptoms first began. “It is a poorly understood condition, and not everyone from and not everyone from the medical fraternity is aware of it, ” says Zoyeb. “I want to create a society like Bengaluru-based ORDI (Organization for Rare Diseases India), which can support people like me,” he adds.

It's only fair to share...