Ajit Babu, Fighting for an Un-Reserved India at IIS 2015

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Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator and Writer, Ajit Babu talks on Disability, Labelling and fight against Reservation in India.

Ajit was born pre-mature and spent the first months of his life in an incubator. Soon the doctors found that he had cerebral palsy. Having a disability didn’t earn him any special privileges at home. He still had to clean his room like his brother. But out in the world outside when he started interacting with people, he didn’t understand why people felt sorry for him. Also his achievements were celebrated more by the world than his brother’s achievements were. He wonders if it’s because of the disability label. That is when Ajit decided that ‘How the society looked at him shouldn’t decide the way he lives the rest of his life’. He decided to fight labeling of disability, stereotyping disabled people and fighting against reservation (disability and in general). During this short and inspiring talk, Ajit also launches his Unreserved India movement. His dream of ‘Inclusive India’ would be fulfilled when people talk of all kind of achievers equally.

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About Ajit Babu:
Ajit Babu is a 26-year-old, serial entrepreneur who has started three start-ups. Dream Click Concepts, Street Light media (both in advertising space) and Lifehack innovations into the sustainable energy space. At a young age Ajit was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He had a good schooling and was interested in pursuing a career in Journalism and Psychology. However, he couldn’t do the field work necessary for psychology and had to drop out of college. He then started two media companies working on advertisements, commercials and TV soaps. When disaster struck Nepal in 2015, Ajit realised that the solar lamps that were being donated as part of relief work could double up as cell phone chargers. Thus he began Lifehack innovations through crowdfunding from his friends and began building products in the sustainable energy field. Ajit is passionate about writing and wants to pursue his masters in journalism from Columbia University one day.

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