Deepa Malik, How do you look at Yourself? at IIS 2015

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Adventurer, Paralympic Sports person & Arjuna Awardee Deepa Malik gives an inspiring & riveting talk at India Inclusion Summit on her passions for biking and sports despite being a paraplegic.

At a very young age, Deepa Malik was bed ridden due to a tumour in her spine. But that didn’t deter her from her passion for running, biking and sports. Deepa’s love for motor cycles made her meet her future husband who not only encouraged her pursuit of adventure biking but became her strong support system. Her first child was paralyzed at the age of one. Deepa recounts the trauma she went through during and after her surgery that left her paralyzed chest down. She decided that ‘Neither any medical problem can stop me from feeling beautiful nor do I want to be anybody’s stereotype’. She took to adventure and athletic sports and lots of records tumbled. Be it Biking, Car Rallying, Swimming, Shotput or Javelin, Deepa made a mark in every field. The Government of India presented her the Arjuna Award in 2012 as a recognition of her sports achievements. Deepa’s life is one of courage and unflinching determination and pursuit of one’s passions.

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About Deepa Malik
Deepa Malik is an Indian para athlete and Bike enthusiast. She is a paraplegic. She has won numerous accolades for her participation in various adventure and athletic sports. She has won 54 National medals and 13 International medals in swimming, short put, javelin and discus throw earning her an Arjuna award in 2012 and President (of India) Role Model award. Deepa participates in International Sports meet along with her daughter Devika who is also a para-sports person making them the only mother-daughter duo to do so. She, along with her daughter Devika and Ambika, has started Wheeling Happiness Foundation that works in the area of inclusion and helps people with disabilities, identify their passions and helps them achieve their dreams and eventually find happiness.

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