Damini Sen, Do not lose courage, keep moving forward at IIS 2016

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Damini Sen is a young foot artist from Raipur. She is a world record holder for the ‘largest number of drawings made by toes in one hour’.

Damini was born without arms. With great courage and determination she managed to overcome the odds, by using her feet and toes to do everything she needs in her daily life. According to her, life is all about facing your challenges, never giving up and keep moving forward, no matter what.

In this inspiring talk at India Inclusion Summit 2016, Damini shares her thoughts on who is really disabled and how not to lose ones courage during difficulties. She also encourages us to change our thoughts towards disabilities and uplift the spirits of the disabled.

Damini urges us to remember an Urdu couplet that means, “Your destiny does not depend on the lines of your palms, because people without hands also have a destiny.”

After the talk, Damini demonstrates her drawing skills to the audience, live on the IIS stage.

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