Priyanka Agarwal, The vision in my dreams at IIS 2016

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Priyanka Agarwal, India Inclusion Summit 2016 Host, Visually impaired advocate for PWDs and an employee ambassador at IBM shares her personal story of how she fought through prejudices and the system to overcome her disability.

Starting with a powerful dance performance, a first for Priyanka, she’s gone through a journey with a lot of firsts. Priyanka grew up in a conservative family, and had to work through social prejudices to independently create a career and life of her own. In a strong narrative, she shares how she worked with her family, government agencies, Non-profits and friends to overcome hurdles that came with her disability. Like a lot of firsts, she stands as a role model for everyone who wishes to stand by their values, and work through the system.

It's only fair to share...