Performance | Ghatam Suresh Vaidyanthan | IIS 2016

Published on October 30, 2017 by Team India Inclusion Summit

Internationally acclaimed percussionist, Suresh Vaidyanathan has revolutionized the art of playing ‘ghatam’. At IIS 2016, he regaled the audience with his technical supremacy and spontaneity. About India Inclusion Summit India Inclusion Summit is a community driven Initiative that brings together thought leaders from the field of inclusion to deliberate, discuss and take forward diverse talents available in our society. The Summit is an egalitarian platform attracting people from a range of fields. Along with you, we aspire to create the world’s largest platform that fosters diversity and inclusion in the society. And, we dream to inspire 10 million lives in our journey of inclusion by 2020. Follow IIS on Facebook:… Web: Twitter: About: Ghatam Suresh Vaidyanathan Internationally acclaimed percussionist, Ghatam Suresh Vaidyanathan has revolutionized the art of playing ghatam with his aesthetic aggressive style. Hailed as the Pele of Percussion, this inimitable maverick on clay pot is acknowledged for his technical supremacy and spontaneity. Suresh’s energetic performances with top drummers internationally, his luminous compositions and enlightening workshops, have brought him global respect through Jazz and Drum festivals and from universities to music schools around the world for three and a half decades now. Contact:

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