You’re not just special. You’re Special Edition | SwarnaLatha | IIS2018

Published on March 6, 2019 by Girban Singha

Swarnalatha is a singer, plays Ukulele, professional shooter and does modelling. This besides her passion for making the world inclusive through her Swarga foundation. Listen to this talented and beautiful lady now.

SwarnaLatha is Managing Trustee of Swarga Foundation, disability rights activist, motivational speaker, singer, beauty pageant winner.

Swarnalatha J, affected with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis since 2009. She is multi-talented and has won many awards for her work as a disability rights activist, notedly the ‘Bharat Prerna’ and ‘Thanga Tharagai’ awards in 2018. She is also 1st Runner up at the Mrs. India Beauty Pageant, South held at Goa in May 2018. Swarnalatha is a Tedx Speaker, motivational speaker, singer, writer and photographer.

She is a counsellor, works on fundraising, awareness campaigns and public relations.

Know more about Swarnalatha at:

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