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Art For Inclusion | Inclusive Spotfix

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Inclusive Spotfix initiative by India Inclusion foundation and The Ugly Indian

Not everyone is an artist but like we believe Everyone is good at something.
India inclusion foundation’s another inspirational platform Art for Inclusion is making a spirited journey in Namma Bangaluru.


Inclusive Spotfix

Inclusive Spotfix. Volunteers painting wall at General.Thimmaiah Road

The Art for Inclusion Initiative is done in conjunction with the India Inclusion Foundation to highlight the abilities of artists with special needs. We believe that the unique talents of these artists need to be in the spotlight. Many of these individuals use art to communicate thoughts, feelings and life experiences in a way that transcend their special needs.

Team ‘The Ugly Indian’ and PwD and the Non-PwD volunteers from India Inclusion Foundation Paint the city calls. Both of our team join together in making the walls and spaces fresh and colourful. Painting in the public spaces is always impressive more importantly a responsibility.

We came up with this concept to engage and enable people with different walks of life. It is about empowering people by respecting and appreciating them with their distinction. Working together at a space allows each one of us to equalize opportunities and promote the inclusion of disabled people in our communities.

Art For Inclusion Inclusive Spotfix

Volunteers  of all kinds painting the wall.

The first Inclusive Spotfix as a precursor event held on 18th August 2019 . The painting types of equipment and support was provided by the team The Ugly Indian. Includes of brushes, aprons, paints, nose masks, hand gloves etc.

Our volunteer team discuss through a volunteer-friendlyWhatsApp group. We pick locations that are accessible and disabled-friendly.So, that PwD and the Non-PwD volunteers remain working with such initiatives.

The enthusiasm and passion of disabled volunteers and their parents are creating a social change. Valuing diversity and unique contributions from PwD and the Non-PwD volunteers creates a sense of belonging. It is creative and truly inspiring, most of the persons with disability travel independently by booking accessible cars and bikes and ensures to be on time at the venue.

Art For Inclusion Inclusive Spotfix

Inclusive Spotfix by India Inclusion Foundation & The Ugly Indian

Painting during the morning weekends is a divine process. We warm up by cleaning up the street walls first. Then the wall gets ready for the emulsion of paints. It is exciting to paint on walls which are bigger and larger than any canvas. The Joy of Spotfixing is always felt.

It is about restoring public spaces with the colours you love and that’s where the starting point for conversations springs.

We are taking a step on the path of furthering equality for all. Following our social media platforms allows you to be part of our next Inclusive Spotfix.

Together let us devote our energies to what is changing, it is about doing something possible and spreading those possibilities as joy.

Let us reach out to people, inclusion and beyond.

Art For Inclusion Inclusive Spotfix

The Volunteers at Art For Inclusion – Inclusive Spotfix

Inclusive Spotfix featured in NewzHook:


Inclusive Spotfix Short Visual:

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