Brent Vaughan, Technology empowering parents to diagnose autism early at IIS 2016

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Brent Vaughan, the co-founder of Cognoa, talks on how technology can empower parents to quickly diagnose autism traits in their children.

One in every 68 children across the world is diagnosed with autism. In India, 1 child born every two minutes is later diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum. The current diagnostic techniques are too cumbersome and by the time parents get their child diagnosed with autism, its little too late for any intervention. Brent and his team at cognoa have used day to day technology like smartphones coupled with some machine learning in cloud to help parents diagnose their children early.

Listen to this tech talk from this silicon valley entrepreneur who is set to change autism diagnosis across the world. About India Inclusion Summit India Inclusion Summit is a community driven initiative that brings together thought leaders from the field of inclusion to deliberate, discuss and take forward diverse talents available in our society. The Summit is an egalitarian platform attracting people from a range of fields. Along with you, we aspire to create the world’s largest platform that fosters diversity and inclusion in the society. And, we dream to inspire 10 million lives in our journey of inclusion by 2020

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Bio of Brent Vaughan:

Brent Vaughan is co-founder and CEO of Cognoa, a leading child development platform that empowers parents and clinicians with earlier identification of child developmental delays and autism. Brent has spent over 20 years working in product and commercialization of innovative healthcare companies including diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics. Prior to Cognoa, Brent was co-founder and COO of WellnessFx, a regulatory compliant, direct-to-consumer diagnostics and telemedicine platform that provides increased patient engagement and improved health outcomes.

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